Woodworking: Awesome Automata

We cordially invite all inventive tinkerers and inspired constructors to join us this summer as we build awesome automata!! An automaton is a wooden toy that moves when cranked!  Our team of master woodworkers will be challenging you to develop your building skills and inner creativity as you put together stunning moving masterpieces. Rise to the challenge and expand your boundaries as you work in a safe environment to bring awesome ideas to life. Our experienced instructors will assist you in handling real tools and work with soft woods like Balsa woods while learning all about the relationships between cams and gears. You’ll familiarize yourself with essential workshop safety and the six simple machines as you work alongside new friends. At the end of camp, showcase the awesome automata you've built to your family!

“My daughter loved it. I am impressed with the things that she learned and built. The instructors were great as always with STAR!”

Grades: 1 - 6   Price: $315 per week (2 week sessions)


  • No Woodworking: Awesome Automata

  • No Woodworking: Awesome Automata