The Science of Star Wars: Adventure of the Padawan

Take part in an all-new, amazing Jedi apprenticeship program where Jedi masters will guide you through hands-on challenges that explore the science behind the amazing world of Star Wars!  Learn the physics behind the flight of star ships.  Harness the power of chemistry as you make Jabba Gak and Jakku’s sand.  Learn how to wield a lightsaber like a true Jedi. You may even meet a friendly droid!  But beware, the Dark Side does not like fun, and Kylo Ren has been known to try to put an end to summer camp. We will need your help to defend summer camp and defeat the Dark Side!

I really appreciated the creativity to plan cool science lessons and connect them to Star Wars to make it even more engaging.”


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GRADES: 1-6  •  PRICE: $315 per week