Summer 2017 STAR Scholarship

In order to apply for a scholarship you will need to enroll online and pay a deposit to hold a space in camp. Please contact the Camps Department at or call us at (310) 842-8542 to receive a code in order to pay the deposit.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit education organization S.T.A.R. strives to provide scholarships on an individual basis, given availability of funds and parental needs. In order to review your request for a scholarship, the following will be needed:

  1. Complete Summer 2018 Online Registration (
  2. STAR Application for Scholarship
  3. Copies of Last Two Check Stubs
  4. Copies of Full 2017 Income Tax Forms (Federal and State)  
  5. Copy of 2017 W-2 or 1099 Form

Parental information for both Parents/Guardians Additional Paperwork (If Applicable)

  1. Copy of Child Custody & Support Documentation
  2. Copy of Court Documentation of Alimony or Child Support Arrangements

**Please note that Eco Station Camp are not eligible for scholarships as all of the proceeds of the camp goes to the care and maintenance of the animals.**