Movie STAR: Breakout Blockbusters

Dive into the EPIC world of movie-making with Movie STAR as we explore what makes a blockbuster movie and produce our very own smash hit!  Examine all of the elements of a film production from writing through editing with special table-reads and access to the coolest new gear in the video world.  Be the director of your destiny and join a tremendous group of peers as we all work towards creating THE breakout blockbuster of the summer. The excitement leads up to a showing on the BIG SCREEN!

“Our daughter's group made a really wonderful little movie and she learned a lot about the movie making process.”

GRADES: 1-6  •  PRICE: $335 per week (2 week sessions)

  • No Movie STAR: Breakout Blockbusters

  • No Movie STAR: Breakout Blockbusters