Mission Possible: Engineering to Save the World

There’s a special mission envelope with your name on it! We need your brains and skills to help solve difficult missions and overcome engineering challenges. But don’t worry— you’ll have expert engineering coaches to help you along the way.  They’ll teach you top-notch S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) skills and guide you through the engineering design process as you face each challenge. You’ll learn various types of engineering from structural engineering techniques that help you build rescue platforms to chemical engineering projects to save the world! Engineer and take home your own utility belt to hold all of the tools needed to save the world! Join our mission based camp where every challenge is different and everyday's an adventure!

“My daughter came excited about the day's activities! Her take home project was a hit!”


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GRADES: 1-6  •  PRICE: $315 per week