MartialYogaNastics & Chocolate!

It’s martial arts, yoga, and gymnastics all rolled into one! With chocolate! In this groundbreaking STAR Fitness class, you’ll hone your gymnastic skills, navigate your way through obstacle courses, and learn martial arts. Each day is filled with wholesome snacks, development of teamwork skills, exciting athletic activities, and a small chocolate snack! Both your mind and body will be challenged as you establish achievable goals, adopt healthy nutritional habits, and savor healthy smoothies. At our high energy fitness showcase, you’ll use your newfound skills to prove that you’re a fitness warrior!

“My son LOVED this camp! He learned actual fitness techniques and enjoyed each day! I would definitely sign up for this again!”

Grades: 1 - 6     Price: $355 per week


No Martial Yoganastics & Chocolate! Camp this week!

No Martial Yoganastics & Chocolate! Camp this week!