Is there a registration fee? What’s the cost? What does it cover?

There is a non-refundable $50 registration fee. This fee covers insurance for your child for all the weeks they attend. This fee is a one time per summer cost per child.

What do I need for my child to be dropped off/picked up?

• Anyone that will be dropping off or picking up a child needs to provide an I.D.

Is there camp on July 4th?

• There is NO camp Thursday, July 4th, 2019.  Please note there is a reduced rate for camp that week and there will be no field trips.

What is the staff to camper ratio?

• 1 staff for every 12 campers.

Can my child's 1 on 1 come to camp with him/her?

• Yes, the person doing the 1 on 1 can come along to camp with your child as long as the director from the site is aware. 

What are the camp hours?

• Regular camp hours are 9am-3pm.  Extended hours are available from 7:30am-9am and 3pm-6pm for an additional flat rate of $100 for the entire week, and $130 per week for the Eco Station ONLY.  Some locations open at 8 am, you can find these hours on the locations pages for each school, on this website.  

What if my child is sick?  Can you refund the days?
• As unpredictable as it is, we do not refund for sick days.

What if my child does not want to participate in the field trip?
• All of our staff members attend the field trip so if your child does not want to attend the field trip, camp is not available that day.

Can we prorate the extended care?
• We do not prorate extended care. The rate is a flat fee of $100 per week.

What if my child has allergies or specific medical/dietary needs?
• Please contact your summer camp Site Director to let them know of any special medical needs your child may have.

Can parents come on the field trip?
• For the safety of all of our campers we do not allow parents on field trips.  All of our staff members have been fingerprinted and have had a thorough background check.

Who are your staff members and what is their background?
• All of our staff members have been trained and have a degree in their area of expertise.  Required first aid and CPR training, and extensive background checks including fingerprints are done for all employees.

Can I sign up for individual days?
• For our SuperSTAR, Kinder Prep, and Eco Station camps we do offer daily rates, however it is required that you register for a minimum of 3 days per week.  To enroll in summer camp for three days please email STAR Camps at camps@starinc.org or give us a call at 310-842-8542.  We do not offer daily rates for our specialty camps.

If my child is enrolled in STAR during the school year, do I still need to pay the registration fee?
• Yes.  Paying during the school year does not waive the summer camp registration fee.

Do I have to pay extra for the field trips?
• No, the price of the field trip is included in the weekly fee.  However, if you are enrolling in individual days, and there happens to be a field trip on that day, you do have to pay an additional $25 for the field trip. The Eco Station does not have any planned field trips, however if one is planned during the summer, an additional fee may apply.  

Do you provide lunch or snack during the day for my child?
• You provide your camper with a packed lunch.
• We provide a morning and afternoon snack.  However, if your child has special dietary needs, they will need to provide their own snack.

Is the cafeteria available for hot lunch during the camp?  If not, is there somewhere my child can purchase their lunch?
• The cafeteria is closed during the summer and there is nowhere on campus that the child can purchase food.  Refrigeration is not available for the campers, so make sure to put an ice pack in their lunch if necessary.

Can you accommodate my child with special needs?
• You will need to contact the summer camp Site Director so they can make the proper accommodations for your child.

What is NOT allowed to bring to camp?
• Cell phones, gaming devices, toys, gum, or weapons.

What is the youngest age that can attend your camps?
• STAR camps does not go by age we go by grades. The youngest children we accept are children going in to Kindergarten in the Fall of 2019 are able to sign up for camp. 

What discounts are available?

• Super-Duper Early Bird Discounts: $30 off per week by March 1st 2019. (Not Applicable to Eco Station Camp)

• Super Early Bird: $20 off per week by April 1st. (Not Applicable to Eco Station Camp)

• Early Bird: $10 off per week by May 1st. (Not Applicable to Eco Station Camp)

• Multiple Week Discount: Receive a one time $60 discount for enrolling in 4 or more weeks.  (Not Applicable to Eco Station Camp)

• Sibling Discount: Receive a one time $25 discount for siblings. (Only for one child, not the other or for Eco Station)

• Galaxy Members: If your child is currently enrolled in STAR Galaxy, you receive $20 off extended hours per week. (Only for one child, not the other or for Eco Station)

What should my child wear to camp?
• Comfortable clothing. No Ugg boots or open toed shoes.  Make sure that everything is clearly labeled.

Where can I get a receipt with your tax ID?
• Please send an email with your child’s name requesting a receipt to payments@starinc.org.