Escape Room: Spy vs. Spy

Think you’ve got what it takes to solve mysteries? Then, come make your summer one of sleuthing! Find key clues that will lead to victory in an exit game designed by your clever instructors. Grab professional espionage gear, play in drone battles, use voice changers, secret recording devices and more! Create your secret identity by researching countries, cities, and local neighborhoods, restaurants and shops to become the new you. Beat other spies as you race against time to collect clues and solve extraordinary challenges in order to find a mystery device that answers all the world's questions. (And no it's not Alexa or Siri. Nope, not Google! Stop guessing, sign up now!)

“This camp was fantastic. A great balance of fun and learning.”

GRADES: 1-6  •  PRICE: $325 per week  

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