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Amusement Park Engineering


Become an imagineer as you discover the structural engineering secrets of your favorite theme park rides! Construct your own mini roller coaster as you learn about banked turns, lifts , dips, and dives of coasters. Apply the laws of inertia and momentum in different theme park rides that spin, sway, loop, pull, bounce, and twirl! Explore speed, friction, and motion through roller coaster engineering. Learn how water is used to propel riders up and how gravity pulls riders back down. Use all your new skills to design and build your own mini theme-park!

GRADES: 1 - 6  •  PRICE: $365 per week


No Theme Park Engineering Camp this week!

No Theme Park Engineering Camp this week!

No Theme Park Engineering Camp this week!

Why Choose STAR?

STAR has over 30 years experience serving the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. We have after school programs in over 60 locations in Los Angeles alone, and scale down to 13 locations for the summer. As a year-round provider of programs for thousands of students, you can trust that we offer high-quality programs your child will enjoy.

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With reasonable pricing and over 40 camps to choose from, STAR Camps is the obvious choice for your youngster. You child can build a roller coaster in our Amusement Park Engineering camp, or learn the skills of Broadway hip-hop dancers in our DanceSTAR: A Hip Hop-era in Wonderland! camp. Become a rated Chess Master, learn Magic and then visit the world famous Magic Castle, or learn robotics in Battle of The Sumobots.  There's 35 more we haven't mentioned here, so discover how your youngster can unlock their genius this summer by clicking below!