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Oodles of Noodles and More Culinary Camp


Culinary Arts: Oodles of Noodles and More!

Are you a spaghetti fan? How about ramen? Then come get tangled up in our culinary adventures as we learn all about (and make from scratch) the many types of noodles. Gluten free? We've got you covered! We'll explore fantastic pasta variations including zucchini pasta, and gnocchi.  Through delicious tastes and wonderful scents, you’ll travel the world in STAR’S Culinary Arts Oodles of Noodles & More camp to explore sweet pastas like baked sweet ravioli and cinnamon kugel. Our wonderful pasta recipes will be complemented by wonderful soups and salads to make it a complete meal. You’ll take home fantastic recipes that can be used to amaze your family members and help you hone your creativity in the kitchen. You don’t want to miss out on this exciting adventure that will make your summer a yummy one

Grades: 1 - 6  Prices: $335 per week



With reasonable pricing and over 40 camps to choose from, STAR Camps is the obvious choice for your child this summer. Your child can become a spy in our Escape Room: Spy vs. Spy, or discover the secrets of tech wizardry in Superhero Gadget Engineering. Become a rated Chess Master, learn Magic and then visit the world famous Magic Castle, or become a fashionista in our Project Catwalk camp. Love Pandas and all wild, wacky animals? Then explore the wild wonders of the Eco Station! 

STAR has over 30 years of experience serving the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. We have after school programs in over 60 locations in Los Angeles alone, and scale down to 15 locations for the summer. As a year-round provider of programs for thousands of students, you can trust that we offer high-quality programs your child will enjoy.