Chess: Be The Very Best

Put your chess skills to the test and work your way up to be the very best! This year we’re taking chess to next level by teaching campers strategy and competition with our chess master instructors. Learn about problem solving, planning, spatial visualization, sportsmanship, and tactical creativity. Have fun by earning badges from different elements that your instructors represent. Use a professional level chessboard that professional championship competitors use and watch your moves on a big screen in real time! Learn from chess professionals who are dedicated to teaching students the internationally acclaimed royal game of chess. Take home your very own travel sized chessboard to practice on the road. Compete in a fun chess tournament on the last day of camp and show us how you’re the very best!

“Our daughters attended and loved it! They came home happy every day and even said "awww" when I came to pick them up at the end of the day because they didn't want to go home yet.”


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Grades: 1 - 6   Price: $295 per week