Over #30reasons to choose STAR

Reason #40 & #41: Center Stage: Beauty and the Beast or SHREK


Be a part of a tale as old as time! STAR Theatre’s illustrious Center Stage camp presents Disney’s beloved classic BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! Sing and dance alongside a young prince who’s been turned into a hideous beast until he learns how to love and be loved in return! A village girl named Belle (with some help from a talking suave candlestick, a wise and gentle teapot, and a few other household friends) comes along to draw the beast out of his isolation and break the spell! Your STAR camper will learn about all aspects of a musical theatre production while developing their own exciting character in this amazing story full of enchantment, fun, and super catchy tunes! At the end of the third week, it’s SHOWTIME and YOU’RE invited! BE OUR GUEST!



Join us in the land of Far Far Away this summer as you perform in Shrek presented by STAR Theatre’s Center Stage. Sing and dance alongside Shrek, a green ogre on a quest to save his swamp with his donkey sidekick. Shrek’s adventure leads him to princess Fiona who has been waiting for her prince while she’s trapped in a tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon! See how these characters come together and learn about love, self-confidence, and friendship. Learn about all aspects of a musical theatre production while developing your own exciting characters in this amazing story full of fun, and super catchy tunes! At the end of the third week, it’s time to show off your skills during a performance for your friends and family. Have fun and learn about musical theater this summer with Center Stage! Space is limited, sign up now.

“The entire 3 week program was a such a hit with my child. She took her lines and the entire production seriously - she could recite everyone’s lines! She had so much fun and gave her confidence a huge boost!”
— Christine L.

Center STAGE SUMMER Schedule

Reason # 30: 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE

STAR has over 30 years experience serving the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. We have after school programs in over 60 locations throughout the school year and scale down to 18 locations for the summer. As a year-round provider of programs for thousands of students, you can trust that we offer high-quality programs your child will enjoy.


With reasonable pricing and over 40 camps to choose from, STAR Camps is the obvious choice for your youngster. From Art Studio to Yoga, Fun and Hula Hoop, Minecraft, Magic and even our SuperSTAR variety camp, we definitely offer a camp your child will love.