Unlock Your Genius
This Summer

Brick Lab Enginnering: Jedi Mind Bricks

Discover the Force within you with LEGO Bricks! For the first time ever, STAR Engineering is calling on Master Builders to bring order to the galaxy. Do you have what it takes? Train to be a Jedi and use engineering concepts to design a spacecraft, construct an astromech droid and build your own take-home lightsaber! Padawan engineers will be put to the test in a final battle with Kylo Ren to protect our LEGO builds. Join our STAR Science Galactic Alliance!

Grades: 1 - 6   Price: $365 per week


No Brick Lab: Jedi Mind Bricks Camp this week!

No Brick Lab: Jedi Mind Bricks Camp this week!

STAR has over 30 years experience serving the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. We have after school programs in over 60 locations in Los Angeles alone, and scale down to 12 locations for the summer. As a year-round provider of programs for thousands of students, you can trust that we offer high-quality programs your child will enjoy.

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