Investigate The World Of Science With Pikachu This Summer!

If you have a child who is passionate about Pikachu or crazy about Ash Ketchum, then get them out of the theatre this summer and into the world of science with their favorite monsters!

Pika Pika Science (4).png

STAR’s Pika Pika Science camp is where your child will explore the worlds of ecology, zoology, biology, chemistry, and botany through the wondrous and mysterious creatures of Pokémon.

In this camp, our students start out as brand-new Pokémon trainers and with the help of STAR’s stellar scientists, they’ll meet and train alongside their favorite characters and learn about the environment.

Your child will learn to classify plants and animals through taxonomy. They'll unearth dynamic ecosystems while delving into plant biology and build a Pokémon planter. Finally, they’ll design their own collapsible Pokémon battle boards to help play with friends on the Go. (No pun intended.)

Your kids will think they’re just playing with their favorite characters in this camp, but they’ll actually be learning about the ecological environment and the important role it plays in our every day lives.

On the last day of camp, keep your eyes peeled for Pikachu's appearance. Our young trainers will use the knowledge they gained over the week to discover clues to find a life-size Pikachu’s hiding place on campus.  This exciting science-filled adventure is a must for any serious young Pokémon fanatic.

Sign up today and catch this camp before the summer is over!

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