5 Great Taco Recipes to Make with Your Child


It's #NationalTacoDay here are some of our favorite recipes to enjoy with your family! Do your kids love to be sous chefs during dinner time? At our STAR culinary summer camps kids are able to explore their talents in the kitchen and taste their delicious creations. Check back for some recipes that our STAR junior chefs made during the summer!

These tacos are delicious and easy to make. You can have younger sous chefs help you by mixing salsa ingredients. Older kids can assist with measuring ingredients and even shredding some lettuce or dicing tomatoes.

Click on the links below to try some of our favorite taco recipes. You can follow the recipe or make changes and add your favorite ingredients! All of these recipes are guaranteed to be hits with kids and adults alike!

Taco Cheeseburger Recipe

This recipe is a combination of two just like our STAR junior chefs made in summer camp! You get the best of both worlds with the ingredients of a cheeseburger in a delicious tortilla! Your junior chefs will love adding salsa and shredded lettuce to their tacos and making this quick recipe for a delicious dinner.

Lighter Beef Tacos

A delicious lean recipe for those looking for a light lunch or dinner! This recipe stays true to traditional tacos but swaps out some ingredients like sour cream for salsa which makes it more healthy. This recipe is also an under 30 minute option so you can have more time to spend with your family or relax!

Fish Tacos

Are you a pescatarian or just not feeling beef today? Try this delicious fish taco recipe! These tacos are satisfying and won’t leave your tummy feeling bloated. This recipe is perfect in combination with spanish rice and salsa. Fish tacos are a great way to change up a classic and they’re sure to become a new dinner time favorite!

Veggie Tacos with Avocado and Tomatillo Sauce

This recipe is delicious and meat free! These tacos are made with yummy veggies and your family will get a delicious and nutritious meal. Those who have more time can whip up an avocado and tomatillo sauce and season it to taste or you can use a store bought salsa for a quicker fix! If you’re a vegetarian or just want a meal full of veggies for dinner definitely give this yummy recipe a try. Skip the cheese on this recipe and you’ve got a vegan taco recipe for the whole family to enjoy!

Crispy Baked Vegan Tacos Recipe

Cooking a vegan dinner may seem daunting but this delicious taco recipe makes it easy! This recipe prides itself in being simple to make and quick enough to prepare in 30 minutes or less. The taco shells are nice and crunchy by baking them for 10-20 minutes and you can prepare the filling while they’re baking. The pineapple salsa is fresh and slightly sweet for a delicious combination that you’ll love. This recipe shows us how easy and delicious vegan dinners can be!

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